I consider myself quite knowledgeable for my years, and over the past decade or so—it is probably even longer than that—there is a question which has puzzled me immensely, and no matter how much I ponder it, or in which way I attempt to see it, I simply cannot seem to figure it out: Why is being female the greatest of shames?

For my own part I have never wished to be anything else than female, and fact is that even if I were given one million dollars for being genetically altered to become male, I would pass the opportunity up, for I have never desired to be anything else than what I am. The reason for this is that I have always been female, I was made one; ever since the moment of conception, when I came into being for the first time, my twenty-third chromosomes have been homologous. Why this is a fate worth regretting a lifetime, I shall never understand.

Once upon a time—and in some places still—women were sacred creatures because they were the ones who gave birth to new life; they were the ones who illustrated the purpose of all human existence, both biologically as well as symbolically: the smiling sun upon the heavens is a goddess in many religions and Westerners still refer to their world as “Mother Earth”. For millennia the fertile female form has been celebrated, and its essence has been captured by skilled artists of ages past, some of their creations spared from the teeth of time for us to see.

Venus de Milo

Venus de Milo

But those figurines—whose beauty is easily appreciated—stem from ages now long lost. As man left his hunter-gatherer days to cultivate the land his life changed forever, the greatest change of them all however yet to come. But eventually, it did arrive, and the man of today is now the resident of an increasingly post-industrial world, a world in which being female is the greatest of shames.

All ages have their Venuses. The hunter-gatherers had their figurines, such as the Venus of Willendorf, whose true purpose still is disputed—was she a depiction of a goddess, a charm of fertility, or was she simply a piece of art celebrating the beauty of the feminine? The agriculturalists had the true Venuses—the ones who gave their name to the morning star—and the Venus de Milo is still admired by millions every year. The industrialists too have ideal female beauties, but they are no longer celebrated in the same way.

No, the Venuses of industrialisation are raised to feel ashamed over having been cursed already at conception, they are taught that having homologous twenty-third chromosomes is being of lesser worth; the woman of today knows that she is inferior to any man. At least, this is the sole explanation I have come up with in regards to the question I mentioned before: Why is being female the greatest of shames?

In the industrial world the ideal woman is the one who pursues a career; for some reason she has ceased to value herself and instead elevated men to the skies. A modern woman shall not be content until she is identical to a man, and I am terribly sorry for being the one who brings her the news; but this, her ultimate goal, shall never be. She will never grow a beard and speak with a low tone of voice by natural means, for she is a woman—she should take pride in that!

Why Should They Do It?

Why Should They Do It?

Were women an obsolete a part of humanity they would all have been male, but considering how I am no man, there must be a reason for why there are women and why there are men. Fact is that they have different roles to fill, both equally important, despite not being the same. To say such a thing, as I just said, is however forbidden—and very strangely so. Again, I say, this can stem from no reason other than women refusing to acknowledge that they are equal to men.

The world is not fair, if it was, there would be neither males nor females, they would all be the same; both would be equipped with ovaries as well as testes—but such an egalitarian society I highly doubt I will ever see! To make up for this unfair a truth, nature is however most compassionate and makes sure that a foetus during gestation is exposed to hormones that eventually shall make it content with its lot. At least, this has worked in the case of me—I am a delighted female, I desire nothing more, but as far as the rest of humanity is concerned, I simply do not know.

Somewhere, deep inside, even the most female-despising of women must realise that she is seeking revenge for her fate in the wrong way, however so convinced of her own inferiority that she disregards from this and presses on in the pursuit of a goal she believes herself desiring to attain. And, when confronted with something that makes her uncomfortable, she charges and goes to attack instead of pondering its contents. To all such women I have one thing to say: An empty cart makes much noise, a full cart less so.

However, even broken clocks are right twice a day, and the situation of women has indeed improved. No longer need any woman die from complications in childbirth, and she is allowed to vote and to make her voice heard. No longer is a woman kept from making a career, she is allowed to seek the intellectual challenges which all human beings crave. This, I cannot critique—I have no reason to. What I do critique is that women believe themselves being of lesser worth. They are not, why do they even believe so?

There is no need for me to state facts—no-one will listen—but I tell you this—and you may consider it and draw your own conclusions—but ever since women started to doubt their value the world has started to shake. When the people who mattered most to the future of man have abandoned the most glorious of tasks, the consequences can be nothing but severe. All it takes is an open mind and a pair of eyes—look around!—is this world of ours a society that thrives? Something has gone wrong in this most modern age of man, and it is only because some people doubt themselves. I hate to point the finger—so I shall not do so—for those who are responsible know deep within who they are.

The celebrated modern woman is no longer a feminine beauty, she is an aspiring male. How has this come to be? What is it that makes women believe that they are worthless do they not live the life of a man? Shall the world ever come to acknowledge the simple fact that life is not fair, but that one’s lot still is better than none? It is with the greatest of regrets that I say that this I do not know; I know many things but the answer to these questions are still shrouded in mystery to me. One day, however, I intend to change this; one day, I shall know and make sure to tell you, for I believe that being female is just as fine a fate as being male.

Be proud of who you are, do not attempt to change! Take pride in being yourself, for people who know their worth and value have nothing to prove.

Finally, I shall say that man is a creature who learns from his own mistakes; a fact which delights me as the more educated man becomes the more ignorant shall he realise himself to be. And when his ignorance has been realised, there will no longer be any need for the goddesses to be ashamed.


Women Will Never Be Free

March 24, 2008

Women have always been slaves and they will never be set free. The illusion of freedom has prevailed for many years and countless are those who naïvely have been desillusionised by the promises of sugared lies.

Why women always have been enslaved, is for me a mystery, but perhaps it is because of jealousy, the most dangerous of all of man’s diseases. For, as women can be seen as the crown of creation (a point which has been made even in religious scriptures – that God first made a sketch, the man, and that He then went on to create the woman) the step is not long from celebrating the power of the female form to shunning it.

Even if women nowadays have rights, they are not free. In the earlier days of history, women were not allowed to indulge in any level of higher study, the home was seen as her realm. Today, feminists have changed the world – but not for the better.

In modern times, women are allowed to become educated, but it has gone far beyound being a simple right. Today, it is a necessity and all women must become educated.

That there is no freedom for women to choose what is best for themselves is what constitutes the prison of slavery which has surrounded the female form for so many years. It still remains, even in these enlightened times of ours, to my great sorry and agony.

For, a woman is not allowed to choose for herself, society has already made all of her choices and she herself has no point to add to the discussion. It is just like in ancient times, and among some of today’s cultures and religions, that society and men decicede what is best for the woman.

This angers and saddens me, for I wish to determine what is best for myself. I am a woman and I have been blessed with the ability to give birth to life. I fail to understand why I am by society am treated like this blessing is a curse.

When I say that I wish to become a mother, first and foremost, society laugh at me. For, as a woman, I am expected to become educated and make a carreer for myself, even if this happens to not be one of my wishes. Children, society reasons, is something one gets in time.

Gets? I then answer, baffled. Children is not something one gets, nor something one recieves. No, having children is a blessing, a life-time committment, something which should be greatly honored, not shunned.

The is only one truth which a woman has to face – that she has no right to determine what is best for herself. In ancient times the home was her realm, in modern times, the carreer is her path.

When will the day come when women are allowed to amke decisions for themselves?

And as a last point, I would like to add a slight wonder – how come that the land of the free soon no longer will be? For, if women are legally stripped of their rights to determine the fate of their own bosies, the modern times no longer will remain. No, the stripping of the woman’s power over her own body is the first step toward a degradation of the social nowm – back into the middle ages and the cultures the land of the free fears so much.

I have had a revelation. I have realised that I am not depressed because I know the world is in severe need of my talents (no matter wha part of the world; the movie industry, the local museums, the hospitals, the governments… Do I need to continue?). I am not depressed because of above mentioned reason, I am depressed because the world does not want my talents.

I went to the museum today to see the exhibition “The Human Journey” depicting the evolution of the human form. Let’s just say that it bugged me. For, I wonder, why on earth are early humans supposed to be fair-skinned? As far as I know our closest relatives the chimpanzees and gorillas have heavily pigmented skin to protect them from the sun’s radiation. Why not the early humans? I get so mad at educational museums which have such inaccurate itemson display in their exhibitions. Teaching young children false facts. Shame on you Naturhistoriska Riksmuséet!

I mean, if I were in charge of the exhibitions, I would not let such an obvious error slide through my fingers or past my eyes. Not that I have a degree in paleoanthropology or anything, but to the extent of my knowledge, I, with my limited education, know more than people with Ph.D’s. It is the little things which freak me out.

Further, had I been part of the 10’000 B.C. crew, I could have saved the film’s reputation. I would have allowed it some artistic freedom, because let’s face it, who would watch the film if it was nothing but a historical document? Artistic freedom in all its glory however, but some things are not to be tampered with. And another let’s-face-it-fact, the world is already starving for knowledge. No one knows anything. It is a sad, but horribly true fact. Blockbuster movies have a responsibility toward the people. Small, but still very important. If big-scale productions can educate the masses, the world has gained a lot.

The world needs me and we all know it. Name me the next President of -Insert Country/World Here- and I will save the world!

It is too bad I never will be offered the chance to prove to everyone that my words are the most true of all. Ah well, in another life. Or, this life. It takes too long for this other life to arrive. ;D

There are people who describe me as lazy when I tell them that medicine does not interest me. Considering that I neither am interested in the study of law, I wonder why I am not seen as lazy, not yet having studied the subject.

Life is all about priorities. All I have come to understand, this far in my life, is that neither law nor medicine are are of my personal priorities.

The only thing I cam be accounted as being lazy for, is that I yet have to find what my priorities are. Wait… I already know what my priorities and passions are, just that they are far different from what is considered being the norm.

To aspire attaining motherhood is by some considered as lazy, but having grown up with a stay-at-home mother always present, I can honestly and accurately say that it is no occupation for the lazy. That people see aspiring mothers as lazy, and at times pathetic, angers me.

It is because of an attitude like this, that being a good mother is no priority of people (or rather women), that the world of today is in such bad shape as it actually is. The world of today sees terrors such as murder and rape and robbery, as mundane.

I am also called being a dreamer, in additon to being called lazy, as if being a dreamer is a negative trait. World, I ask of you to forgive me for being a dreamer, but of all the things I have sacrificed for being seen as sane by you, being a dreamer is the one thing I refuse to abandon.

So be it that I am lost in a 19th century world, where women were mothers and did not pursue any carreers. During those days, which now are far in the past, children and youths were well-behaved, and the world did in effect not suffer from the mundanity that surrounds the terrors of this world.

It Is All Worship

January 24, 2008

A documentary was presented before me yesterday evening by the channel that had been left on, after the previous show had ended. It was a documentary about fashion models – the models, the modelling profession and the life both on and back stage.

I am the kind of person, that have I started to watch a show or a movie (or read a book), I have to finish watching/reading. Even if the plot fails to engage me, I have to know in what way the story ends or I will be consumed by Mind’s theories of how the story was finished. I have way too many more important things to consider, so I figure it is better to spend an hour or two watching, perhaps finding something in the production hilarious, than to listen to Mind for the rest of the day.

Back on topic…

As I watched the documentary, containing interviews with people having been labeled “super models,” interviews with people involved in the business, the life of the models etc. etc., I was struck by the similarity between the worship of super models and ancient times’ heroes (and even further back in time, deities).

In the modern world of today, the deities and heroes of the past, are since long gone. All the major religions and beliefs are based upon holy people who have not wandered the world for quite some time.

Christianity has its God, his son and the people who play their roles in the Holy Book. Judaism has the same characters in their holy scriptures, but without the son. The same accounts for Islam.

In the non-monotheistic religions, the same things are true. Buddhism is based upon the teachings of the Buddha, before his passing, and the deities of Hinduism lived many centuries ago.

It is the same for all religions – they are based upon the actions of people and deities which have not been seen for a very long time. No wonder that the modern man is in need of people of less spiritual, and more real and obtainable, qualities.

The modern heroes and, I dare say it, deities, are people who have become someone – super models, but also, musicians and actors and the like. These are people who are a little more down to earth, and people who most others can relate to. They are separate from the world either by their appearance or their talents, but they are still people who wander the streets of the world. The belief of that one one day may come across them during a daily adventure, means a lot and provides strength to the worship of them.

People are in desperate need of someone who can guide them, someone for them to worship. The religions of the world may be the most important for some, but when they are lacking real people, people who one can connect with take their place.

I see no other reason for why people whose lives have been exposed are offered the kind of worship which they actually enjoy on a daily basis. They become the role models of the youth, the become the object of the young’s desires.

People have a need for worship. And as long as they are happy, they may continue. I simply find it fascinating in which ways the human mind and form work. In the end, however, it is all worship.

It Is Taboo To Believe

January 18, 2008

In this modern world of ours, it is not allowed to believe that one is worth the slightest thing. To imagine that one is destined for greater things in life is a sin. The world revolves around such these modern ideas, that the world is a collective and that all people are equals.

People may be equal in worth, but not in destiny. Everyone is said to deserve, and have the right to, a better life – a life of health and happiness. Though none of this is untrue, I find that World contradicts itself on a regular basis. In my head I simply can not balance the equation.

If World claims that people deserve to be healthy and happy, that these two conditions are basic human rights, then how can World teach that no person is allowed to see themselves as deserving of a better life? In theory everything may be perfect, but in practice, it is not.

The society which has raised me has taught me that I am no one. I am no one to say that I am a good person, that I deserve anything in life. That I have feared to proritize myself has led to my current state of mind.

I am a nursing student, and a terribly unhappy one, for what it matters. I had a vision of changing the world, but half a year has destoryed most of me. My health has been on the decline since day one, and with it,my happiness. My inspiration is gone with the wind, the flame of my passions has turned to ashes.

That I feel like person destined for greater things in life, is not accepted. No one should excel, for if one person does, the rest of the world may feel that they are of lesser worth. They are not, for all people are unique.

Some people make excellent nurses because they are caring and have hearts of gold. They are genuinely interested in the welfare of others. Some people make excellent jewelers because they are creative and have the yes needed for detailed work. Some people make great doctors, for they have the wits and patience to go through the many years leading to their certification, they too, care about people.

Among all these people, who all are different, and of equal worth, some are different. Some people are not like others, just because everyone is unique. But these people are destined to lead lives of unhappiness, all because their success would outshine others’.

I often feel that I lack the words to express my frustration. I will let the law that defines the society I have been born as part of express it instead of me.

The Jante Law:

  • Don’t think that you are special.
  • Don’t think that you are of the same standing as us.
  • Don’t think that you are smarter than us.
  • Don’t fancy yourself as being better than us.
  • Don’t think that you know more than us.
  • Don’t think that you are more important than us.
  • Don’t think that you are good at anything.
  • Don’t laugh at us.
  • Don’t think that anyone cares about you.
  • Don’t think that you can teach us anything.

If a mentality, like the one by the law expressed above, is allowed to guide the decisions of a society’s people, do you imagine that the people will turn out as a happy people? From my own experience, I can say no.

The people of my country all have the same expression, the expression I have found myself exhibiting as of late. There is no glint in any eye, the lips are tightly pressed together, all views are blank stares. The colors are matte, the atmoshpere depressed. And it is all because the people have been taught, since childhood, that they are not worth a thing.

An excerpt from the Wikipedia article concerning Swedish Culture:

Swedes have an egalitarian outlook. The concept of Jante Law is in many areas and fields still today strong in Sweden, and any form of elitism is likely to meet strong criticism. This attitude goes in hand with the Swedish lagomhet, the appraisal of modesty and humbleness.

I have a suffocating feeling come over me at times. Recently, it is like it never has left my side. Day as night I have a mare clenching my chest, squeezing life out of me. I feel that this world is not mine, that there is nothing I can do to pull myself off the ground and soar.

(The mare I will never be rid of, for she is part of me. My mind has summoned her presence, and one can not rid oneself of one’s demons, does one not want them to go away.)

I would never make a great nurse. I may make a good nurse, but people who are in need of care and kindness are not in need of good nurses – they need great nurses, nurses who are passionate about their profession.

I would never make a great jeweler. I may make a good jeweler, but any successful one nees to be passionate. No matter how many noble stones and shimmering objects I were to be surrounded by, the mare compressing my chest would whisper in my ear, tell me that I am destined for greater things in life.

I would never make a great doctor. I may make a good doctor, but I would lack the passion and commitment. For, in my eyes, my life would be over by the time I finished my medical studies. I am a free spirit, I am a carefree soul. My heart would roam the vast praries was it ever allowed to. To spend 7 years of my life enrolled in studies of subjects with a common goal, would be the end of me.

No, I would never make a great anything – not a jeweler like I wish to be, nor a nurse as I am on my way to be. Neither would I make a good doctor, as everyone tells me to be. The reason for this is that I would feel my life lacked something.

I feel this already, the lack of a spice in life. The spice of new innovations, of success. For, I want to make a name for myself, I wish to become someone. The Law of Jante, having told me to never believe I am someone, has made my carefree soul tire. It wishes to soar, to throw the stupid laws onto their back, leave them squiggling in the mud.

But to tell the world that I am worth something. No, that will never happen. It is not accepted. It is taboo to actually believe in oneself. It is a sin to believe that one is more than others.

And yet, this is what I feel. I am destined for greater things, I have a superior mind. The people who my days are filled with, they may be sweet and kind, but I lack their passion. The people who I study with, they will all make great nurses one day, no doubt, but I will not. These sweet people do however struggle, they find the studies challenging. It is this which has made me aware of that I am destined for other things. I sleep in class (though my eyes are open) and still I excel. To lead such a life is not challenging and will eventually start to degrade one from the passionate core and beyound.

The dreams I had of one day changing the world for the better, they are all gone my now. The blazing embers that fueled my passions, they have been put out. Whatever part of me that was eunthusiastic has been turned to grey ashes. One breath – and they will turn to the finest dust, easily carried away by the wind.

Upon seeing myself in a mirror, this is exactly what I see – my face degrading into fine, grey ashes. The slightest breath wears me down, and whatever I am constructed by is carried away to a far away place.

It is hurtful to see one go through all this, and all because of a society’s disturbed ideals. That everyone should be the same, that the gifted should sattle for the second best, so no one is to be hurt. My whole life I have however been left wondering – “What about the gifted, what about those who excel? Who is to care for these people? Who will see to their best?”

A society which does not appreciate the talent that is hidden within, should not be allowed to exist.

I find myself an increasingly cynical person, someone without a place in life. Every morning and evening when I pass by my bedroom mirror, I am forced to close my eyes. For, I know that beyound the silver glass, there is a reflection of a broken person. The broken person is every morning and evening turned to ashes and carried away by the wind.

To be destined for great things is hard, especially when it is taboo to believe.

A Footnote:

Upon reading this text through, I realize that I failed to get my point across. I lost it during writing this block of text. At least I was relieved of some angst.

I do however hope that you do not judge me for my views, just as much as you judge a cettle for boiling when placed above a fire.

If there is but one thing I know (I wish it was what I want to spend my life doing, but sadly, that revelation I am still on the market for) it is that I can not stay in this country in which I have been raised.

I have my very own ideas, though they rarely are voiced. I have through my life learnt only to speak up on topics which already are accepted, and never become radical in any way. I am however a person of radical and unique ideas, though they are not as many as I would like. To hold them within one, to feel them grow, is not pleasant, for even the most radical of ideas need to be voiced at times. If so only for a second. For, life can only hold so many things at once, they can not all be closed in. It provides no development for anyone, nor personal success.

As I opened the newspaper this morning, I was reminded of a startling fact – a fact that has spawned radical ideas within me, ones I have never been able to voice because of people’s disrespect for the publication of such ideas. It was an article about the creationism vs. evolutionism movement in America, where religious fundamentalists wish to ban the scientific theory of evolution for a (in my eyes fictional story to tell by an ancient campfire) religious belief called creationism.

As an atheist, I have problems understanding how people can become blindfolded by their own beliefs. As a scientific person, I find it hard to believe I ever can come to be as blindfolded by scientific discoveries I or others make. I always take new ideas with a pinch of salt, for most often they are aiming at too distant stars or contain little or no truth at all. This regards all theories, news and ideas. At first, I may become a little obsessive, thinking that it must be too good to be true, or the reverse. But it does not take long after the initial shock for me to come to my senses, speak to myself in an inner, calm voice, and see the issue with a new pair of eyes. Most often, I can tell what is the truth and what is not from such an approach, and I prevent myself from going blind that way. I am also open to new ideas, and I will gladly admit that I were wrong, when proven wrong. For, I can not be worse than accepting defeat. There is no point in fighting an impossible battle, one I will unevidably lose.

Everyone is entitled to their own faith and sets of beliefs. To say that no one is allowed to think any differently from me, would be to go fundamentalist. I do not force my own beliefs upon others, I do not shove my own ideas down their throats. Rather, I keep them for myself, especially when knowing that they never will be accepted. When it comes to this, I will not join them because I can not beat them, I will instead muffle and never make a sound. Though, my recent trains of thought has made me feel that I through not speaking up have joined those I do not underdstand. It is because of realizations like that, that my radical ideas desire to smell the crispness of the autumn’s air.

People of religious beliefs are happy people, there is no arguing that. I have not met many, but I have met a few, who rely upon their faith in the every day and its stressful events. There are times when I envy them, for their calm and tranquility. There are times when I wish to be part of a belief, to think that there is no need to worry, for it has all been decided by someone greater than me. My accumulated knowledge of things and my common sense, has however kept me from doing that, it has made me remain myself. I can however never hate nor disrespect those who believe, for it must be a simple life. And, as I do not wish to be judged by those who believe, I am in no position to judge them by myself.

I do however draw a fine line between the people of faith and those who base their knowledge upon science and experience. What can be proven and predicted must be the truth, but if people wish to believe otheriwse, there is no wrong in that. I just do not believe that those who can prove nothing, but simply believe, should be prioritized and to be allowed to have the most to say. If the people of religion are offended by those without – when they claim that their scientific discoveries are the truth – why are the people of no religion then not allowed to be offended when the religion claims that it, and only it, speaks the truth?

The ideas of evolution have inpired many scientific and medical discoveries all in the name of the welfare of mankind. These discoveries have saved lives of many who believe that evolutionism is nothing but nonsense. To this I would like to contrast and ask, what greater good has the religious creationism done to people, other than to cloud their minds from what unmistakenly must be the truth?

There are many examples of what religion has done for mankind, in a positive context, such as to provide faith and security without requiring more than simple belief. To believe is essential to many, and I can not forbid them to do so. For, many are those who have been helped through hard times by the promises religion makes and the hope it provides.
There are however also many examples of what problems religion has created – problems the world would have been better off without. Even to this day religion creates problems and spreads proven lies – the one that I come to think of off the top of my head – the Catholic church’s claim that condoms are transmitters of HIV.

Mild beliefs have done no one any harm, the real danger lies within the realm of the fundamentalism – something which had done no one any good. Because of this history of theirs, to only create problems and nothing good, I do not think that fundamentalists should be seen as the only ones who speak the truth neither shouold they be the ones who decide the fate of the rest of us.

I have read that there are 20 out of 50 American states that consider teaching their children the ideas of creationism. I assume that these states contain a vast majority of fundamentalists (if the world ever many forgive me for using that word in that context). I am worried about this, for 20 out of 50 is not much less than half. And if 50% of the world’s most influential country believe that creationism is the truth, as opposed to evolutionism, what fate is the rest of the world then facing? The thought gives me nighmares, even if the sun may blaze high up into the skies.

I think that those who think creationism is the truth, should think a little more. What future do they wish for their own children to have, or their children, or their children? What do they wish for the future of the human race? Do they deep inside themselves wish that the world should be filled with fundamentalists (the friction between such groups and the rest of the population of the world is already a painful reality)? Do they really wish for mankind to be fundamentalist – blind for other ideas than their own? I think that the fate is horrible, if it is our future, that our race eventually will stagnate and most likely turn itself extinct.

I think that mankind has the potential to do greater things, to develop more, that the single man will grow to become more than the sum of his parts.

Children are our future, which is not at all cheezy to say. What would be the point of having children, if they were not our future, what would be the point of life when there is none, for without the children of the past, we the children of today, would never have been. Because children are ouyr future, the future of man, they deserve the very best we can offer them. Man is a species that has gone so far (and in the future will go even farther) because we have been standing on the shoulders of giants of the past. We have been able to rely upon our ancestors’ experience and through that evolve. Without this ability of ours we would still be the prey of great animals, trying to make a living by scavenging the savannah, our only tools being those one person has come up with, over and over again? It was quite possible the stone axe that was our greatest invention, being a tool to aquiring protein, making our brains grow. Without that axe, where would we have been? What if we could not learn from our parents, and the greatest invention of all time would have been forgotten through the passage of time.

Children are our future and because of that they deserve nothing but the very best. They deserve a good education so they one day can become responsible adults, for, they our children will be those who give birth to our grandchildren, the ultimate proof of that our lives had meaning. A good education is the solid soundation upon which the children will rely for achieving their future success. Children need to be taught the facts, not stories which will comfort them during hard times. Such stories they may learn at home, if their parents find it fit, as part of their cultural heritage from the domestic sphere. Some people’s culture may involve the stories of the Holy Books, while others’ culture only revolve around proverbs which, like religious stories, provide comfort and guidance through hard times.

The United Sates have forever claimed to be the land of freedom and the country of dreams. I do however not believe in this, which they all prod with, saying that this indeed is true. If fundamentalists, blind to proven facts, may dictate the future for the rest of us, what difference is there between such ideas and the ideas of dictators? American (and perhaps all other people in this world) wish to decide things for themselves. But then I ask, why can not schools teach children about the ideas of evolution? Why can not the religious and the scientific world peacefully coexist?

Albert Einstein, one of mankind’s great geniuses, said:
Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.

People have a need, a desire, to believe. And I think that nothing, ever, can remove that part of the human mind. It is essential, not only in religious contexts, but in all. For, if I did not believe that I am facing a splendid future, then what point would there be to my life?

I am no believer, nor do I claim to know the truth. I do however understand how some may believe, for it must be such a comfort to rely upon something far greater than oneself – to imagine there must be no worries if only I live right, for my reward will await me by the time of my passing. I have no such belief, and still I am alive and well. I have my dark days, but so does everyone else. I have managed to pull through everything I have faced this far, and really, I see no point in changing a winning concept. A proverb I have come to love is the one which says: “If it is not broken, do not fix it.” And really, that is true.

I wonder, what ever happened to the historic context. In ancient Japan, the goddess Amaterasu [she who illuminates the heavens], the sun goddess, was worshipped as a deity. Other cultures have worshipped gods of all shapes and forms, like the Norse who who had many deities and a rich mythology. To this day, who believe that these religions speak of nothing but the truth? I have not heard of any Japanese who try to convince the world of that the theories of evolutionism are false and lies, all because Amaterasu-omikami was the ancestor of the imperial family. Neither have I ever met any Scandinavians who tell me, Josephine the atheist, that I should believe in Odin and Thor and their greatness, for Odin was the wisest of them all and as a scientific person, I share some of his traits. Neither have I heard them tell me to believe in the greatness of Thor, he who slayed the Midgard Serpent, he who makes the world shiver in fear when the thunderstorms roam the skies. No, those beliefs are since long gone. What makes Christianity any different?

Do you still believe that Thor is hunting giants when the sky is sparkling with lightning and thunder?

I am however not at all without belief. For, I believe in many things. I believe that the sun is always blazing, smiling, no matter where I am. The clouds have not made the sun go away, they have simply hidden it, but it is all for the greater joy of those who prefer clouds before the sun. I believe in that I have a brilliant future to face and to create for myself. I believe in the potential of mankind, that we have an even more splendid future to face, a future so bright we can never fully understand it. I believe there is a solution to any problem, for nothing is truly impossible.

I am also of the belief that we are not alone. There is no chance that we, the humans, may be the only children of the universe and its magnificence. I will forever believe this, for it comforts me, to imagine what other worlds must be like. Some say to me that I am nothing but a dreamer, with no future in sight. Someone as unrealistic as me must be crazy, without sanity. But, who are they to question me, when I do not question them? If science fiction and science facts make my days, can I then not be allowed to dream and to smile? For, I do not shove my ideas down other’s throats, claim that what I believe and only that, is the sole truth.