[Originally posted on Thursday, May 22nd, 2008.]

Without telling everyone too much about this top-secret movie, I can say that it was one of the best films I ever have seen. It proved that Steven Spielberg’s taste when it comes to choosing which movies to direct, still to this date, is infallible.

I am unsure what I can say without giving away too much, as no one has heard a lot about the plot, so I will remain as secretive in order to not spoil the experience for everyone else.

The movie honored the plots of the previous Indiana Jones-films, which I saw not too long ago. It also keeps the spirit of adventure and pseudo-archeology going with a mystery which was far more enteirtaining than the previous ones. Further, to my great joy, it managed to incorporate one of America’s most controversial myths into its plot and turn the mystery into something at the end that one would have given much to see more of.

As with all good films, this one did not disappoint, not with its plot or execution, nor with its use of time (it filled the 2 hours very well) or with its joyful winks to the facts stated in previous films. This movie also offered quite an assortment of surprises, something I found to be highly entertaining. (Plus, one of the most hilarious aspects was the Vulcan/Romulan haircut featured by Cate Blanchett. The haircut was probably not meant to make one associate to aliens in Star Trek, and yet that is just where my thoughts went.) On another note, if you watch Scrubs, you will recognise one of the actors )who probably does a better janitor than secret agent).

In the end, the film also featured two open endings, ready to be picked up at any time, which I hope they will. I read an interview conducted in Cannes, with Steven Spielberg, where he stated that he happily would make another film about Indiana Jones, if the fans want him to. Having seen this film, I am sure most fans will. Here, I can add that my mother who was a fan of the previous 3 movies, really liked this one as well, despite its rather significant flirt with the science-fiction genre. It can also be noted that my mother usually despises all things supernatural, something I see as proof of the film’s quality.

No matter what people say about independent films and so-called quality-films, my heart will always belong to big Hollywood blockbusters, not because one is supposed to like them, but because they offer one so much entertainment in a limited amount of time, that one can not help but adore them.

Of course, there is a lot to be said about the scientific accuracy of such films, but do we really expect them to follow the rules of truth all the time? In some cases, fiction is far more exciting than reality. Especially after such a marvellous odyssey as Indiana Jones’ has ended and one yet again finds herself staring into mid-air, wondering why she is trapped in a rollercoaster of suppression.

As my final words for this post, I can only say to you that if you enjoy adventure and/or science fiction, or the previous Indiana Jones-movies, then you have to go see this one, or it will be at your loss. For, as I told my father when he asked me which part I liked the most: “All of them.” The beginning was amazing, the middle was exciting and about the end there was nothing which was not to love.