For the Sake of It

August 21, 2008

When I started this blog I had the intention to share some of my artwork in the posts, as well as posting works-in-progress and sketches I never show anywhere else. Though, as the weeks and months have passed, I never found the motivation to do this, thinking that my blog perhaps was more philosophical than artistic.

Well, I should not take myself so seriously, no one should. There are not too many people who ever come by this blog, and the regular readers amount to … none, as far as I know. So, I told myself, if I upload a sketch or a work-in-progress, or perhaps even a finished piece, every once in a while it will not matter. It will not take away from the overall feel of the blog or my entries.

I mean, it is not like I am a person one takes seriously in any matter, so why start now?

And lo and behold, a work in progress!

One of my latest beaded dolls half-an-hour before it was finished.

These beaded dolls are truly a pleasure to make, even if they take a week or so of on-off attention. When finished these dolls are about 10 centimeters (4 inches) in height and wrigh quite a lot for their petité size because of the some 5.000 glass beads and dozen pearls they have been embroidered with. Because of my fascination with anthropology and human pre-history the shape of the doll is inspired by the Venus of Willendorf. Finally, I may add, that this little beauty is number 5 of the six dolls I have created this far.


2 Responses to “For the Sake of It”

  1. kiki Says:

    Could you please tell me where you found the pattern to make these dolls or send me the pattern thanks

    • blavinge Says:

      Dear Kiki,
      Part of the charm of a beaded doll is the amount of care hich has gone into it. Sit down with a piece of cloth for a while and ponder its purpose and you shall come up with something truly original and yours. <3
      Best of luck,
      Miss Josephine

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