Unidentified Flying Objects

July 16, 2008

Indeed, UFOs do exist, though they never are of extraterrestial origin. No matter how much one wishes for them to be proof of that life is not an exlusive trait featured by only one of countless planets in this universe, such sightings are often easily identifieable as naturally occurring phenomenon.

Though I lack the training to with ease classify such sightings for what they really are, I do not doubt the truth of the claim. If life on other planets have attained such an impressive level of technology as is required for inter-stellar space travel, most surely, life on Earth can not ineterest them much. Their sense of reason must long ago had alienated such ideas as visiting Sol’s third planet. The inhabitants of that rocky body are all too ignorant and primitive to ever appeal to them.

Further, I doubt that technologically advanced beings are ill-natured, for if they were, would they then not have focused their efforts on terminating their own species, instead of co-operating to attain the elusive goal of speeds near that of light?

No matter the nature of alien beings, they are of no importance to the point of this posts’ publication, as my words are typed down and shown to you with the simple aim of bringing an unidentified object to your attention.

The object in question is truly unidentified, as I do not know what has caused this intriguing phenomenon. What I do know, however, is that the picture which features such an enigma, is one of the most peculiar photos any member of my family has ever taken.

Unidentified Flying Object Over Drammen, Norway © Henrietta

Unidentified Flying Object Over Drammen, Norway © Henrietta

All credit for its creation is to be given my younger sister [Miss] Henrietta, though the honorary has been assigned to her by me. I beg you, do not tell her of such an act of mine, as she will condemn it.

Tongue-in-cheek, it is my favourite extraterrestial being, for though I know it is nothing but a mere UFO, and not a vessel of alien origin, it appeals to my imagination, and the “what if”-part of my meditations.

To me, the picture serves as a reminder to us all of that all human beliefs and convictions that she truly is the one sole intelligence to ever have arisen in the universe are as false as they are naïve and vain–a manifestation of the juvenile nature of mankind which is the main reason I theorise we never will encounter beings more intelligent than our own.


5 Responses to “Unidentified Flying Objects”

  1. The photo is not that of a UFO since UFOs never (absolutely never) have contrails behind them. It’s probably space junk or a small meteor.

    Back in 2002, the Roper poll on UFOs and and just yesterday a Scripps poll hit the Internet (I find the timing here impeccable).
    Scripps Survey Research Polls 1,003 adults on UFOs and Intelligent Life Off-World

    For someone who didn’t know that UFOs never have contrails, maybe you shouldn’t comment on.

  2. blavinge Says:

    My dear A True Original,

    I beg to differ. As the object that adorns the photo of my feature is indeed unidentified by me, and also clearly moving and without contact with the ground, I believe it is to accurately be defined as a unidentified flying object. This is especially so as most, if not all, UFOs can be accurately described as being no more fancy nor extraterrestial than a flying duck, the moon, or as you so kindly mentioned, a falling meteor or space debris.

    And as the definition of a UFO does not anywhere include the word “extraterrestial”, then I am persistent in my claim of that what my picture features is–indeed–a UFO.

    For your convernience, here is the definition (kindly provided by the Random House Unabridged Dictionary):
    “[A UFO is] any unexplained moving object observed in the sky.”

    I believe that my previous claims already have validated my opinion, something only further enhanced by this definition. I am sure you do agree.

    Further, even if one -assumes- that an object is of extreterrestial origin, I have already stated where I stand in regards to the question. To stress the point once more, however, I can with great conviction tell you that UFOs more often than never have contrails, and that I thus indeed am at liberty to comment upon the topic. Or tell me, do you find my right of free speech undeserved because my opinions differ from yours?

    And, finally, the poll results (which you so kindly provided me with–for which I am grateful) carry little weight, especially so as the majority of American adults also believe the fairytale elements of the Bible and the Christian faith. So, if people desillusionised by such children’s tales also believe in an extraterrestial origin of every-day objects such as ducks and known planetary bodies and satellites, then you can not expect me to believe–in any way–that the poll results are convincing in their claims of the true nature of UFOs.

    Still, I thank you for your comment and for having started this most delightful discussion.

    May your days shine.

    ~Miss Josephine

  3. To make a blanket statement such as “Indeed, UFOs do exist, though they never are of extraterrestial origin..” is quite uninformed at best. Once you actually take the time to do the research and pay attention to the thousands of UFO sightings reported around the world on a nearly daily basis, you discover that there’s simply too much smoke for there not to be a fire. Blanket statements are dangerous. There was a time when people thought mankind would never fly, or break the sound barrier…or make it to space. All proved to be grossly inaccurate.

  4. blavinge Says:

    Dear The Object Reporter,

    Again, I beg to differ. The points you raise of people not previously believing in mankind’s future among the clouds etc., are of course true, but they can not be used to validate the existence of UFOs, as their presence yet has to be proven by science.

    Until a scientific paper upon the topic of extraterrestials’ visits to this uninformed planet can be shown to me (I would appreciate it if it was peer-reviewed) I will maintain my opinion of that the imagination of people has run haywire as far as the flying saucer-nature of UFOs is concerned.

    For truly, you can not expect me to disregard from the intriguing psychological phenomenon of pareidolia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia , http://skepdic.com/pareidol.html ) which enables human imagination to conceive the most unlikely of shapes among every-day items.

    I will end this argument of mine with a quote by Caesar, that despite its age still speaks of the truth:
    “Men willingly believe what they wish.”
    -Julius Caesar, De Bello Gallico

    Sincere regards,
    Miss Josephine

  5. Of course the hard evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials visiting our world is not available to us, that doesn’t preclude the possibility that it exists. If the evidence were in the public domain, we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all.

    The important thing is that people do not stop questioning, exploring and researching the topic. In the scientific world, the term “never” is used infrequently. If “never” was a concept in science, as a species we may not have gotten as far as we currently have. That was my point in the previous post.

    The physics and science behind the craft countless people have witnessed has, in fact, been proven. Take a look at Paul Hill’s book “Unconventional Flying Objects: A Scientific Analysis.” Although it’s not necessarily ‘peer reviewed’ as you might prefer, it is grounded in finite math–who’s only peer is nature itself.

    By the way, the object in your photo is a partial lens flare. You’ll notice a rainbow colored spectral quality to it when you zoom in. I’ve accidentally achieved this in my own photography under the right lighting conditions.

    Norway is an exquisite country full of deep thinkers, never stop questioning everything and keep up the good work.

    I’ll close with a favorite quote of my own;
    “The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.” ~ Albert Einstein

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