Passions Come, Passions Go

June 13, 2008

My passions are many and as I at times am the host of a limited consciousness, I have to allow an equal amount of passions to pass me by whenever I adopt another.

I have not beaded for a while, proof of the above statement. This does however not imply that I never will bead again, no, not at all. All it suggests is that I for the moment have found other passions to which my attention is dedicated to. So, instead of beading, sewing has taken its place.

I have already created a pattern for a teddy bear, one which I as soon as I created it, also modified. Hence, I have three patterns – one for a teddy bear, one for a pig and one for an Angelic Giraffe-style giraffe.

Though, when it comes to sewing I have realized that I am the most passionate about dresses. Not that I ever have sewn a dress during the course of my entire life, but I am very eager to try creating one out.

Of course, as whenever I am concerned, I wish to go overboard immediately. if not now, in just a few minutes. Patience is a virtue I should benefit from aquiring.

The dresses that I wish to try sewing are vintage dresses, especially from the 1950’s. For some reason I find the fashion of that era highly appealing, and as the term “vintage” implies that the dresses are not availiable in stores I will have to try and sew some.

Words in all honour, but pictures say more than a thousand words each, so I will share some of my favourite styles with you:

Lovely Dress

Misses' Dress

Big Collar Dress

All the above images are courtesy of, a site which I think I may visit more frequently once I have managed to improve my sewing skills. For now, I will have to practice with less expensive (and less visually appealing) patterns.


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