Am I Alone?

June 13, 2008

More often than rarely I find myself as the possessor of an opinion that nobody shares but me. I wonder, am I a person who is all alone, too strange to find potential peers in this world? I hope not, as I am longing for carrying out a rewarding discussion with someone without any participating part retreating to at-times-too-harsh words.

I guess I will have to bide my time and polish my arguments until the day I find a peer who shares my opinions and does not condemn them. For, though it may appear as if it is the case today – that I am all alone – I am quite convinced that it is not the case. Among 6.6 billion people there has to be someone of equal values and ideas.

So am I alone? For the moment I am, but only because I have not given myself sufficient time to look.

[As a Post Scriptum I may add that socially I am not alone. I have a family of six with whom I can discourse, only that they on a regular basis fail to follow my at times strange arguments. Further, I have a few people who are very dear to me who I like to consider as my closest friends. Life has however taught me that ideas alien to people tend to drive them away, and as I find too much joy in the friendship of these select few, I do not dare to voice my radical ideas when they are around, all for the simple reason that I do not wish to lose them. So, if any of those people happen to read this, they should know that the above paragraphs and ideas were not indended to offend them in any way – rather the opposite – they imply that I am afraid to lose them.]


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