Name Me President (And I’ll Save The World)

March 15, 2008

I have had a revelation. I have realised that I am not depressed because I know the world is in severe need of my talents (no matter wha part of the world; the movie industry, the local museums, the hospitals, the governments… Do I need to continue?). I am not depressed because of above mentioned reason, I am depressed because the world does not want my talents.

I went to the museum today to see the exhibition “The Human Journey” depicting the evolution of the human form. Let’s just say that it bugged me. For, I wonder, why on earth are early humans supposed to be fair-skinned? As far as I know our closest relatives the chimpanzees and gorillas have heavily pigmented skin to protect them from the sun’s radiation. Why not the early humans? I get so mad at educational museums which have such inaccurate itemson display in their exhibitions. Teaching young children false facts. Shame on you Naturhistoriska Riksmuséet!

I mean, if I were in charge of the exhibitions, I would not let such an obvious error slide through my fingers or past my eyes. Not that I have a degree in paleoanthropology or anything, but to the extent of my knowledge, I, with my limited education, know more than people with Ph.D’s. It is the little things which freak me out.

Further, had I been part of the 10’000 B.C. crew, I could have saved the film’s reputation. I would have allowed it some artistic freedom, because let’s face it, who would watch the film if it was nothing but a historical document? Artistic freedom in all its glory however, but some things are not to be tampered with. And another let’s-face-it-fact, the world is already starving for knowledge. No one knows anything. It is a sad, but horribly true fact. Blockbuster movies have a responsibility toward the people. Small, but still very important. If big-scale productions can educate the masses, the world has gained a lot.

The world needs me and we all know it. Name me the next President of -Insert Country/World Here- and I will save the world!

It is too bad I never will be offered the chance to prove to everyone that my words are the most true of all. Ah well, in another life. Or, this life. It takes too long for this other life to arrive. ;D


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