Lazyness Is Not One Of My Traits

February 22, 2008

There are people who describe me as lazy when I tell them that medicine does not interest me. Considering that I neither am interested in the study of law, I wonder why I am not seen as lazy, not yet having studied the subject.

Life is all about priorities. All I have come to understand, this far in my life, is that neither law nor medicine are are of my personal priorities.

The only thing I cam be accounted as being lazy for, is that I yet have to find what my priorities are. Wait… I already know what my priorities and passions are, just that they are far different from what is considered being the norm.

To aspire attaining motherhood is by some considered as lazy, but having grown up with a stay-at-home mother always present, I can honestly and accurately say that it is no occupation for the lazy. That people see aspiring mothers as lazy, and at times pathetic, angers me.

It is because of an attitude like this, that being a good mother is no priority of people (or rather women), that the world of today is in such bad shape as it actually is. The world of today sees terrors such as murder and rape and robbery, as mundane.

I am also called being a dreamer, in additon to being called lazy, as if being a dreamer is a negative trait. World, I ask of you to forgive me for being a dreamer, but of all the things I have sacrificed for being seen as sane by you, being a dreamer is the one thing I refuse to abandon.

So be it that I am lost in a 19th century world, where women were mothers and did not pursue any carreers. During those days, which now are far in the past, children and youths were well-behaved, and the world did in effect not suffer from the mundanity that surrounds the terrors of this world.


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