There are people who describe me as lazy when I tell them that medicine does not interest me. Considering that I neither am interested in the study of law, I wonder why I am not seen as lazy, not yet having studied the subject.

Life is all about priorities. All I have come to understand, this far in my life, is that neither law nor medicine are are of my personal priorities.

The only thing I cam be accounted as being lazy for, is that I yet have to find what my priorities are. Wait… I already know what my priorities and passions are, just that they are far different from what is considered being the norm.

To aspire attaining motherhood is by some considered as lazy, but having grown up with a stay-at-home mother always present, I can honestly and accurately say that it is no occupation for the lazy. That people see aspiring mothers as lazy, and at times pathetic, angers me.

It is because of an attitude like this, that being a good mother is no priority of people (or rather women), that the world of today is in such bad shape as it actually is. The world of today sees terrors such as murder and rape and robbery, as mundane.

I am also called being a dreamer, in additon to being called lazy, as if being a dreamer is a negative trait. World, I ask of you to forgive me for being a dreamer, but of all the things I have sacrificed for being seen as sane by you, being a dreamer is the one thing I refuse to abandon.

So be it that I am lost in a 19th century world, where women were mothers and did not pursue any carreers. During those days, which now are far in the past, children and youths were well-behaved, and the world did in effect not suffer from the mundanity that surrounds the terrors of this world.


I had another theory ambush me earlier today, having pondered some very different questions. Though, you should be aware that my theories are all based upon exerpts of scientific articles, so I may at times falter. Considering that I am the only visitor and reader of this blog, I can not see the harm in that, at least not to this day.

It is often so that one finds inspiration to ponder questions far different from those one has been assigned to contemplate. At least, this is the case when I am involved. I am the possessor of a care-free spirit. I will never be at ease with one single occupation in life, which is part of why I am going through such a difficult period in my life for the time being.

In the Scientific American article I mentioned in an earlier post (the one regarding alien cells in native tissue) it was also, by the author, mentioned that alien cells can be introduced to a child’s body through their mother’s breast milk.

This, I figured, in other word means that alien cells can be introduced to a body through consumption.

I have also read, though I do not recall where exactly, that prions have been declared innocent of causing Creutzfeld-Jacob’s-disease. (I would love to find out more about this.)

If we assume that the statement is true, at least for the moment, I can carry on with the theory.

I theorize that consumption of any cellular material, which is similar enough to our own, results in our body not immediately attacking said cells. Instead, they are alien cells which can be found throughout our bodies. These cells can, for example, be disguised using chemical markers, making them impossible for the body to recognize as harmful. As the chemical markers then wear off, the alien cells’ disgise is recognized. As they by that time have become part of the bodys own tissues, an auto-immune reaction has been initiated, leading to degaradation of brain and nervous tissue. It may also be so that cells from other species are similar enough to be introduced into native tissue, but different enough to start auto-immune reactions.

This theory can also be explored further, and I think that through enough extensive study, most auto-immune conditions (such as MS and rheumatoid arthritis among others) will turn out to be cased by alien cells which have been introduced to the body either through consumption of cellular material or during our time in the womb and the time during which we were nursed.

Most of the time our immune system discovers these aliens before they do any harm, or their actions are held in place. At times, our immune system may however falter, something which leads to the body developing auto-immune conditions.