Happy New Year

January 1, 2008

The new year is still in its infancy, the clock being no more than 4AM in the morning. Despite this fact, that a new year of possibilities has arrived, I am not truly happy.

I have a lot of great plans for my life that I would like to see realized, but when looking back at what I have accomplished this far, my aim is blurred, my vision goes blank. I fumble through the darkness, wondering how Josephine and her mind can escape the spinning circle of evil she has trapped herself in.

I find Josephine asking her mind if they ever will come to fully agree or if they are destined to argue over the course of the new year as well.

Josephine wonders whether she will ever be able to find the strength that she needs in order to find herself again, for the truth is, that she is lost. She wonders if she ever will be strong enough to dare follow her heart, for she knows, that it is what she has to do in order to be truly happy.

Her mind wonders if it ever will be able to think truly rationally, and take Josephine’s feelings into consideration at the same time.

I, being the being who unite these two beings, wonder if Josephine and her mind ever will find a way to agree, if they ever will be content with relying upon each other. I also find myself wondering if Josephine, I and our mind ever will find something to fight for, something to aim for, something to dream about.

For, there is nothing in this world which is so frustrating as not knowing what to do. To have at least the slightest sense of direction is a necessity in a human being’s life, for human beings love order and structure. Having been robbed of such essential structure and stability, by no one else than oneself, one finds oneself wondering, doubting, without dreams and goals.

And a broken person makes no one else happy, especially not oneself.

Earth is unimpressed by the course of time. It revolves around itself and around the star named Sol. So it has done for millions of years and it will remain doing so until the end of its days. At times, I wish that I could be as unimpressed by the passage of time, that I will not have to see my life flash past by the speed of light. But then again, my time upon this Earth is limited. Earth’s time is not limited, for in a human context, Earth is Time.

As Time passes by at the speed of Time, I find myself wondering if the goals I have set for my future ever will be realized. For truly they are many, and the realization of many goals take time. Perhaps more time than I have.

When setting out on a journey there are a few essentials that have to be considered. The goal is the most crucial aspect for without it there is no point to set out on the journey to begin with. The second aspect that has to be considered is time, but without the goal being clearly visualized, time is no longer a factor.

In the middle of this reasoning of mine, Mind has to get involved.

Josephine,” it says and smiles, “many are those who have set out on journeys without goals. Even greater in numbers are however those who set out on journeys with a goal in sight, a goal that over the course of time changes.”

Josephine, knowing her mind and their disagreements, tries to smile and say something, but is cut off by Mind.

Josephine,” Mind says and continues, “let me tell you a story, a story you are familar with. Remember, we wrote an essay on the topic [among others] in the year that now has passed.”

Mind clears its non-existant throat and starts telling the story.

Once upon a time there was a man whose name was Christopher Colombus. He had a goal in sight – to reach the Far East and bring its treasures back to Europe. The Far East could already be reached, but the journey there was treacherous and dangerous. Columbus was however an imaginative man and he thought that if one sailed far enough across the uncharted waters of the West, then one would reach the Far East.

Convinced that he was right he set out on his journey, after first having had to argue in its name before the Royal Spanish Court. Three ships were to accompany him on his journey, for three ships could carry many treasures back to Europe and make Colombus a wealthy man.

Having sailed for many weeks, he saw a few islands in the far distance. What he named them I can not recall, but he saw them and thus they must be real. Yet, to this day, no one but Colombus has seen those great islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

After a long journey, Colombus found Japan [in reality Cuba]. Its shape was however not the same as his map said it would have, so he tilted the drawing on his map to make it resemble reality. Farther to the South West, China would be, and delighted he set out.

Colombus did however never find a passage across half the globe to the Far East, but he discovered a New World, which came to pu his name on the map. Even is he himself never believed that he had found anything but the Far East.

An interesting story,” Josephine said and continued, “but what has it to do with me?

That, I can tell you, my dear Josephine. You see, Colombus was a no one before he discovered the New World. He did however never have the discovery of a New World before his eyes. The point of all this being, dear Josephine, that he became someone and made a difference to the world while aiming for something completely different.

Be a Colombus in terms of that you should let go of your goals and follow your heart, for it will in the end lead you to the place where you belong. Do not reach for what you know is poising. Dare to gamble, just this once. Let go of your goals, for most often, it is those without goals that end up reaching them.

That Josephine listened to this argument was obvious, for it was what she had believed all along. It was however Mind that was the hypocrite, it not believing in the words it just had uttered. It lacked the strength to realize the consensus of what it just had said.

So, everyone who is reading this, lift your glass of champagne and celebrate the arrival of the New Year together with me. No more sadness because of things one can easily affect. Only joy because life is smiling and we have been blessed with life time tickets to enjoy the ride Earth invites us to each and every year.

Lift your glass of champagne and cheer for the arrival of the new year!


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